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Looking for Opinions on Virtual Labs or Dev/Test Clouds

One of the most frustrating hurdles to overcome in the software lifecycle is the availability of a lab for testing. Physical test labs are expensive to build and expensive to maintain. To use a physical test lab, teams must schedule time well in advance, wait for access, and hurry up and get out of the lab for the next team. There has to be a better way of testing in a production-like environment. Well, there is. Virtualization helped us solve this problem. By using a virtual lab or a dev/test cloud, testing teams have an environment as close to production for use at any time for as long as needed. These virtual labs or dev/test clouds remove provisioning bottlenecks associated with physical labs, give testers an affordable production-like environment, and eliminate the phrase “it works on my machine”. Yes, virtual labs or dev/test clouds bring about peace between developers and testers. With virtual labs or dev/test clouds, developers are able to easily re-create a defect