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Everything is Virtually Virtual!!! A few months ago during a swim workout, one of the other swimmers in my lane seemed to be spending quite a bit of time on the wall. Not wanting to miss my interval, I waited until after the workout to inquire why she was glued to the wall during our longer sets. “Oh, I did a virtual 500”, she proudly stated. Being curious, I asked what a “virtual 500” was. She announced she “thought” about the 500 meter swim while the rest of us actually did the 500 meter swim. Hmmmm…I have heard the word virtual used in some interesting ways, but to virtually swim!!! This was by far the most creative way to be virtual!!! The swimmer’s name, by the way, was Lisa. Now, here’s a LISA that does virtualization the right way, iTKO’s LISA with VSE (Virtual Service Environment). Check out how virtualization can really help in testing in an SOA. I will be participating in a webinar with iTKO Chief Architect, John Michelson. iTKO has just released their latest ver