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Wanted: Your Opinion on the Economy Everybody is talking about it. Everybody has an opinion on it. It’s the economy! Visit vokeStream to participate in voke’s survey on the economy and how it is affecting your organization. As a “thank you” for participating, enter to win an upgraded membership to vokeStream and one 30 minute inquiry with a voke industry analyst. While you are there , request a membership and get a copy of our latest research “Fortune 500 Spending Required for IT Cost Savings.” This is the research everybody is referencing when the discussion turns to the economy and IT spending. Discover new and innovative ways to deliver strategic value to your organization. t
The Results Are In!!! Remember a couple of months ago we put out a call to Business Analysts to take our survey on the role of the BA. Well, the results are in! The full report – voke Market SnapshotTM Report: The Role of the Business Analyst is available to subscribers at . Here are a couple of nuggets to whet your appetite: - 91% of survey participants say they use ineffective tools to define requirements - 58% of participants say their applications “only sometimes” or “never” meet the needs of the user We will be speaking in more detail about the report and how business analysts can enhance their roles in a webinar on Thursday, August 21 2008 at 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM Pacific. Join voke , Blueprint , and HP Software to find out the keys to business analyst success. Register here . In other news, we launched the voke Market Mover ArrayTM Chart where we rank the leaders of the application lifecycle market based on technology leadership and market leade
Services and Virtualization – Two Technologies Together! Virtualization and SOA are like milk and cookies, peanut butter and chocolate, or baseball and peanuts – one without the other just does not seem right. Join me in a webinar sponsored by iTKO , the purveyor of LISA with VSE (Virtual Services Environment) and learn how to optimize your SOA experience around load and performance testing using VSE. The webinar is on Wednesday, May 28 at 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:00AM Pacific. Register here for the event. This is a must hear for anyone who is concerned with performance throughout the entire lifecycle.
Wanted: Business Analysts One of the most critical roles emerging in the enterprise IT organization is that of the Business Analyst (BA). We are conducting a survey exploring the role of the BA, the processes they adhere to and their opinion on the market readiness of technology targeted to the BA. We invite BA’s or anyone interested in requirements to take the survey ! We look forward to hearing from you. Act now, the survey ends May 18, 2008. t
Share Price, Reinvention, and Google Envy – 3 Good Reasons for Microsoft to Buy Yahoo! Today, Microsoft put in an unexpected bid of $44.6B to acquire internet pioneer Yahoo ! This is indicative of Microsoft, the pioneer in PC software making a move to stay relevant. Microsoft is the quintessential software company. With its franchise business of Windows being challenged by technologies such as virtualization and Microsoft’s own insular view of how people want to work and connect Microsoft is attempting to modernize itself with this move. The problem with the Microsoft bid for Yahoo! is that Microsoft’s DNA is bound in a bits in a box, ownership of the stack, shrink wrap mentality. This DNA is what made Microsoft successful and dominant. However, the game of the 21st century is around connection, communication, and collaboration in a mobile environment. Will Yahoo! accept the tempting offer? Will Microsoft take over one of the internet pioneers, dramatically change their busi