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Service Virtualization Research - A Sneak Peek in Seattle

  Seattle , the “Emerald City” is home to such historic landmarks as the Space Needle and cultural venues such as the Chihuly Glass Garden . Seattle is known for its stunning natural beauty and innovative culture. On November 14, 2012 at 4:00PM Pacific, Seattle will add another first for the city! Seattle and its local CA Technologies LISA  team will be host to a sneak peek of voke research on service virtualization. The research comes from a recently concluded survey and soon to be published report on why service virtualization is an imperative in today’s modern software lifecycle. Just to get you ready for the event, here is a shocking statistic – remember, this is 2012 – 96% of survey participants reported waiting for access to the environments they need for development and testing! Do you fall into the 96% category? If so, this event is for you! If you are in the Seattle area join THE event of the season and see why service virtualization is a must for every modern softw
The Agile Dilemma Who doesn’t want to be agile? Ballet dancers, weight lifters, and business executives alike aspire to be agile – that liveliness, coordination, and quickness is something we all desire in life and business. Why then is there an “ Agile Dilemma ” in software development? voke defines the “ Agile Dilemma ” as the inherent risk and confusion created by the business desire for speed and flexibility misinterpreted as a mandate to participate in the developer-centric movement called Agile, which may not be appropriate to all organizations or projects. What this really means is that business executives are expressing the need to be flexible, nimble, and responsive to customers to ensure satisfaction and a competitive edge. The software development team is listening to this business mandate and interpreting it as a call to participate in the Agile movement. But, is participation in the Agile movement right for every organization or every project? We wanted to find o
IBM to Acquire Green Hat - Offers Part of a Lifecycle Virtualization Solution IBM's intended acquisition (announced 4 January 2012) of Green Hat shows commitment to the importance of the lifecycle virtualization category by IBM. As application complexity continues to expand, lifecycle virtualization technology is absolutely critical to delivering a faster time-to-market and reducing both capital and operational expenditures. Lifecycle virtualization is defined as the use of technologies such as virtual lab management, service virtualization, defect virtualization, device virtualization, virtualized cloud platforms, etc, to enhance the application or product lifecycle through reducing defects, lowering costs, speeding time-to-market, and increasing customer satisfaction. Lifecycle virtualization is as evolutionary for testing as the advent of the IDE (integrated development environment) was for the development organization. IBM has been absent in crafting a lifecycle virtua