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Avoiding Catastrophic Software Failures

In 2012, voke published economic models to evaluate the hidden costs of software projects.  Our key findings show that since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2009, the average cost of software projects is rising dramatically, this is in spite of smaller teams working shorter durations.  At the same time, rework costs remain high or unknown and high profile software failures continue to make headlines daily. Organizations must understand how defects create a hidden cost of rework in every software project and how these costs manifest differently in Agile and Non-Agile projects. Given the impact of catastrophic software failures on the brand, we should be witnessing a movement toward increased quality, not a reactionary call for more testing after the software has shipped. Software engineering professionals are familiar with the concept of Cost of Quality , or more specifically, the cost involved with removing defects , essentially the cost of “rework .” The premise of th