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Citrix Embraces Virtual Lab Management and Acquires VMLogix Citrix is acquiring VMLogix ! For those who may be unaware of VMLogix, the company is the creator of products in the market segment known as “ virtual lab management ”. This is the part of virtualization that is going to transform the application lifecycle as we know it. This acquisition is big news, especially for anyone that deals with getting software or applications to market on time, on budget, and with a high level of quality. I just realized, that sums up pretty much every business in the world, so why hasn’t VMLogix and its product category of virtual lab management taken the world by storm? We believe that virtual lab management is the biggest innovation for software to come to fruition since the introduction of the IDE (integrated development environment). If you use virtual lab management technology in your organization it is guaranteed that you have saved your organization lots of money, lots of time, and have
HP and Fortify – Application Security Now in the Lifecycle HP announced its intent to acquire Fortify Software. Fortify represents one of the last standing original independent application security software vendors. Back in 2003, application security vendors were all the rage. The idea that security vulnerabilities occur rather frequently at the application level was 100% accurate. The problem with getting development and QA shops to fully embrace the notion of application security was one of skills and communication across organizational boundaries. Think about developers and testing professionals, they have full time jobs that keep them more than busy. Now, add the complexity of developing and testing for security – that is a difficult task to add to an already full docket. Thus, application security, while necessary and vital, never gained the traction in the market that was expected. So, slowly one by one, the pure play application security vendors were either acquired or disap
Citrix Synergy – Setting the Bar for the 2010 Conference Season It is official – the 2010 summer conference season is now underway beginning with #CitrixSynergy in San Francisco! Citrix set the bar quite high for the 2010 conference season, Synergy was all about simplicity. And with the explosion of complexity in IT over the past decade, simplicity is exactly what everyone is craving. Citrix clearly understands that while the cloud is great and interesting and a cost saver and every other adjective that has been attached to it, the cloud is not the only component of modern solutions. Citrix clearly and concisely identifies “virtualization + networking + cloud” to create synergies across the stack and deliver virtual computing enabling people to work where and how they desire. This is brilliant and yes, simple. Making things “simple” is painstakingly difficult, that is why so few technology vendors can articulate a clear and concise value proposition – simple is hard. Citrix CEO Set
Virtual Lab Management – Bringing Peace Between Testers and Developers Every person has heard a developer say “it works on my machine”. This simple and true statement has been at the center of so many non-reproducible software defects. The problem is testers need to work in an environment as close to production as possible, that means keeping developers out and keeping the test environment pristine. Developers need to move through the development process and make sure their code works, which means having an environment that suits their needs. In other words, the developer environment may not be pristine, but it works the way they need it to work so the developer can continue to work. So in this age old conflict of “it works on my machine” who is right, the developer or the tester? Guess what, both are right! And now, thanks to virtual lab technology the phrase “it works on my machine” can be stricken from the vocabulary of a developer and never heard by a tester again, because they
Your Next PC? The Personal Cloud, of Course Since the introduction of the personal computer, we all like to longingly think about what our next PC will have. Will it be lighter? Will it have better graphics? Will it be faster? And the biggest question of all, do we really need all of the latest and greatest features. All of these are questions we ponder when a new operating system is released, or when our current PC just decides to quit functioning (usually at the most inopportune of times). Well, what will your next PC be? No, it is not your next Personal Computer, it is your Personal Cloud! That’s right, the next PC you invest in may well be a Personal Cloud. The Apple iPad is just the beginning of this move from the Personal Computer to the Personal Cloud. With the iPad, Apple has hit a grand slam, scored a hattrick, a touchdown, or any other superlative sports metaphor you can conjure up. The iPad is the next step in the computing revolution. If you think Steve Jobs, the Roark