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LISA LISA...ENCORE ENCORE The iTKO SOV (Services Oriented Virtualization) was SRO (Standing Room Only)! Since there was such an incredibly large interest in this webinar, we will be doing a live encore performance! In case you missed the event, you can catch it live again – all you have to do is register here . I will be presenting along with iTKO Chief Scientist John Michelsen. On the analyst side, I will present some statistics around virtualization including cost savings and discuss the need for virtualization strategies in every organization. From the iTKO perspective, John will talk about the solutions in SOA environments using LISA with VSE and discuss real life scenarios where LISA with VSE helped to significantly reduce costs while delivering both higher quality and a faster time to market. So join us on Thursday, December 13 at 11:00 AM Eastern / 8:00 AM Pacific to learn about virtualization and services. Just remember to register here . t
Everything is Virtually Virtual!!! A few months ago during a swim workout, one of the other swimmers in my lane seemed to be spending quite a bit of time on the wall. Not wanting to miss my interval, I waited until after the workout to inquire why she was glued to the wall during our longer sets. “Oh, I did a virtual 500”, she proudly stated. Being curious, I asked what a “virtual 500” was. She announced she “thought” about the 500 meter swim while the rest of us actually did the 500 meter swim. Hmmmm…I have heard the word virtual used in some interesting ways, but to virtually swim!!! This was by far the most creative way to be virtual!!! The swimmer’s name, by the way, was Lisa. Now, here’s a LISA that does virtualization the right way, iTKO’s LISA with VSE (Virtual Service Environment). Check out how virtualization can really help in testing in an SOA. I will be participating in a webinar with iTKO Chief Architect, John Michelson. iTKO has just released their latest ver
Hey, Hey It’s the Application Lifecycle 2.0 And as Davy Jones of the Monkees once said “I’m a believer!” Do you too want to be a believer? Don’t “monkee” around, learn more about the application lifecycle 2.0 by joining me in an MKS sponsored webinar: “Begin With the End in Mind” on August 28 at 11AM Eastern / 8AM Pacific. Register here . Get the latest analysis on… - What the application lifecycle 2.0 is and how it impacts you - What technologies play a role in the application lifecycle 2.0 - Silos, what are they good for - Will your IT organization survive the transformation And more…the application lifecycle 2.0 is here and ready to make an impact, don’t be left behind! This is an exciting time for the application lifecycle – new technologies are emerging, acquisitions are being made and the IT organization is no longer just for techies – they are business partners in every sense of the word. t
Is It Virtual Or Real? The big news today was the Citrix acquisition of open source virtualization company XenSource . I have commented many times in the past year about the future I think virtualization has and how it will be one of the defining technologies of the 21st century. So, here is my philosophy on the acquisition….one if you are inclined to be a geek and another if you fancy yourself more of a business person. Either way, the net / net of this is virtualization is real and coming to an enterprise near you. Citrix Acquisition of XenSource for Geeks Citrix’ acquisition of XenSource to more effectively compete with VMware is a positive move for the market. This acquisition shows that the criticality of the virtualization market is understood and enterprises are focused on using the technology in multiple aspects of their business. Virtualization delivers a malleable environment unconstrained by barriers. VMware has been diligent at delivering virtualization to the entir
Oh What a Week! Early June 2007…The IBM/Rational Software Developer Conference or RSDC for those in the know kicked off with two major acquisition announcements. The first announcement made on June 6 was the acquisition of Watchfire . Watchfire is an application security company with a solid lineup of products and services that will fit well with and complement the Rational brand. Application security is one of those things that everyone *knows* they should be doing but conveniently and blissfully ignores it. This is IBM’s opportunity to solidify its dominant position in the application lifecycle by offering a holistic focus on application security. Watchfire technology and services is a natural fit in the application lifecycle. And, IBM with its broad enterprise reach is in a position to educate the market on and implement application security solutions. And, just to show you how serious IBM is about the software lifecycle, IBM announced its intention to acquire Telelogic . Th
Back to the Future Part IV Premieres at Microsoft TechEd 2007 Retro is in – all hail to the 80’s! But in software? I was fortunate to be in attendance as Microsoft kicked off its 15th annual TechEd conference in Orlando, FL with a “Back to the Future” spoof complete with an authentic DeLorean , a remarkably well preserved Christopher Lloyd and Microsoft's Bob Muglia transformed to Michael J. Fox complete with an authentic 80’s wardrobe and hair. Microsoft was a good sport and poked fun at some of its past predictions including what the world would be like if the once much ballyhooed “BOB” had achieved any market traction. In the keynote, Microsoft opted out of vision and presented reality. At the start of his keynote, Microsoft’s Bob Muglia said he would not give a “vision talk”. And, he was right, the listener had to make their own judgment about what was visionary or back to the future and formulate their own conclusions. The crowd of 12,000+ developers went wild when the
The Week That Was… I had the pleasure and honor of participating in the inaugural podcast of “SD Times The Week In Review” with SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein. This is a weekly podcast that David will host and moderate while getting views, analysis and opinion of the analyst community on the week that was. In this first ever SD Times podcast we discussed: - JavaOne and the Sun announcement of JavaFX - Microsoft and its Silverlight announcement - VMware and their release of Workstation 6 - Coverity’s release of Prevent SQS - SQE’s STAREast conference the week of May 14 and my presentation on “Communicating the Value of Testing” Many thanks to SD Times and David Rubinstein for inviting me as a guest. So, tune in and get voke’s insight on the highlights of the week we just had. t
We Go Together Like… David Cassidy and puka shells, Donny Osmond and purple socks, or chocolate and peanut butter. OK, I am dating myself, but there are just some things that do go together. I spent the past 2 weeks realizing there is some truth to this concept, even in technology. On April 25, 2007 I was honored to deliver the keynote address at the SQS Software Quality Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany . This is a major event in the software quality world, with attendees coming from around the European Union to hear about quality and exchange ideas with others. While preparing the content for my keynote, I had several conversations with SQS CEO, Rudolf van Megen. Mr. van Megen has a unique outlook on the quality market and its future direction. During our conversations he told me of the big push in the German market, specifically, to using offshore providers. This move to offshore work by German corporations was not surprising in as much it was an interesting study in market
It Just Keeps Getting Tougher! Technology that is. Things are getting more complex – that means there is more source code to run things and more code means less optimal integration and some big tough problems left unresolved. Think about one of the simplest tasks in any household, turning on a TV. Well, how simple is it now? My non-scientific study, yet curious observation of cell yells between vacationers and their caretakers at home indicates one of the most common things they discuss is how to turn on the TV! Think about this – turning on an appliance that simply has an ON/OFF button. But, we have made things more complicated and the complexity has not been masked from the user. So, yes, the TV has to go ON but so does the surround sound, possibly the cable box, TiVo, and everything else in the system i.e. other audio devices such as a media server must be repressed and secondary to the TV. Then you have the complexity of the surround sound being out of synch with audio of t
Let’s Do Something New in 2007 The week of January 9, 2007 is shaping up to be an eventful week. At voke , we announced our Market Snapshot report for the network equipment testing market. Fanfare announced their ability to deliver much needed commercial testing products to the network equipment market. And, Apple announced its iPhone. OK, you can see the connection between the voke and Fanfare announcements. But, you are probably wondering why the Apple iPhone is mentioned here. Let’s make some assumptions and connect some seemingly disparate pieces. The network equipment market is all about making hardware or devices to connect to something via a network. Simple enough, we all reap the benefits of networked printers, TiVo (my personal favorite), and our laptops in an always connected network state. Fanfare delivers commercially available testing products to the network equipment market. This means the network equipment manufacturers no longer need to cobble together their