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“IT’s the Future”…A Clever Play on Words by SQS I recently had the pleasure of delivering the keynote presentation at the Software Quality Systems (SQS) conference in Zurich. SQS is always an excellent and gracious host at their conferences. And, as usual, the conference was chock full of information. Tracks included: - Outsourcing - Methodologies - IT Governance and best practices - Organizational structure and effectiveness - Auditing (internal and external) - The culture of quality - Test automation - Creating secure test data - Embedded systems This was not the typical conference focused on development and test tools, nor was it a bunch of techies showing their test scripts. The conference made one question their quality practices within IT and what they were really doing to modernize their practices to better serve their customers. The conference title - “IT’s the future” or “It’s the future” is really a clever play on words – think about it or IT. We constantly talk about t