I believe technology can be exploited to greater levels than we have allowed. We are constrained by 20th century business models and ideas. Collectively, we need to move past technology for the sake of technology and truly focus on moving markets beyond the status quo!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blinded by Science … and Business
Science makes great things possible. Science and business together provide us with solutions. When you think about the equation of: Needs + Features = Benefits this is what purveyors of technology need to offer to their customers.

Today, at the Wind River Worlwide User Conference I hosted a panel comprised of business and technology visionaries from Motorola, Philips Semiconductors, and Smiths Aerospace. These trailblazers in the DSO space are looking at things differently; far differently than they did 3 years ago. Today, they are concerned with who their customers are, what their customers expect from them, and building out a workable ecosystem of their value chain. In some cases, their competitors may also be their customer. They inhabit a world in 2006 that was not even dreamed of in 2003.

What is certain from the way these business leaders are thinking about DSO makes it clear that devices need to be reliable, secure, and integrated while delivering value to the customer. Devices are not isolated. Devices are not rogue. Device software is not homogeneous. And, it is clear these leaders are looking for complete end to end solutions to develop, run, and manage their projects for all of the participants in their ecosystem.

So while science may blind us, it’s business that delivers the benefit as long as the customer describes their needs. Remember, Needs + Features = Benefits.

What’s next?...is technology accepting our challenges?


p.s. my thanks to the panelists: Paul Steinberg of Motorola, Martijn van Dam of Philips Semiconductors, and John Alber of Smiths Aerospace.

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