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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Looking for Opinions on Virtual Labs or Dev/Test Clouds

One of the most frustrating hurdles to overcome in the software lifecycle is the availability of a lab for testing.

Physical test labs are expensive to build and expensive to maintain. To use a physical test lab, teams must schedule time well in advance, wait for access, and hurry up and get out of the lab for the next team.

There has to be a better way of testing in a production-like environment. Well, there is. Virtualization helped us solve this problem. By using a virtual lab or a dev/test cloud, testing teams have an environment as close to production for use at any time for as long as needed.

These virtual labs or dev/test clouds remove provisioning bottlenecks associated with physical labs, give testers an affordable production-like environment, and eliminate the phrase “it works on my machine”. Yes, virtual labs or dev/test clouds bring about peace between developers and testers. With virtual labs or dev/test clouds, developers are able to easily re-create a defect identified by the testing team.

At voke, we think virtual labs or dev/test clouds are pretty cool. We also want YOUR opinion on this modern technology and are conducting a survey. We would like to know whether or not you are using virtual labs or dev/test clouds, how long have you been using them, what you like about them, etc.

This survey consists of a combination of multiple choice and optional short answer questions to provide you the opportunity to influence our research and the overall market based on your experiences.

The areas of focus for the survey include:
-Release characteristics
-Accessibility of development and test labs
-Lab characteristics
-Use of virtual lab management or Dev/Test clouds (if applicable)
-Virtual lab adoption (if applicable)
-Lab tool challenges and benefits (if applicable)
-ROI and productivity (if applicable)
-Related tools and technologies
-Cloud solutions used

All of the data captured is confidential and anonymous. At the conclusion of the survey process, data will be tabulated, aggregated and analyzed to deliver a comprehensive overview.

Information about receiving a complimentary copy of the report based on this survey is available at the end of the survey.

We hope that you will enjoy taking this survey and sharing your experiences. This survey is conducted by voke, an independent analyst firm. More information about voke is available at www.vokeinc.com.

Here is the survey link one more time!

Thanks for your help!


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