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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Opinions Wanted – Service Virtualization

We are running a market survey on service virtualization and really want to know what you think of service virtualization. Are you using it, have you evaluated it, or is the technology brand new to you? We want to hear from you! Take the voke survey on service virtualization. 

Service virtualization is one of those technologies that comes along once in a generation and makes a real difference on many levels. Service virtualization helps remove the constraints associated with the classic cost, quality, schedule timeline.

Please let us know why you like service virtualization, what the benefits of service virtualization are, how you are using service virtualization across your software supply chain. Let us know by taking the survey. 
This survey consists of a combination of multiple choice and optional short answer questions to provide you the opportunity to influence our research and the overall market based on your experiences.

The areas of focus for the survey include:
  • Demographics
  • Development and testing challenges or constraints
  • Use of service virtualization (if applicable)
  • Service virtualization tool adoption (if applicable)
  • Benefits and feature needs (if applicable)
  • Productivity and ROI (if applicable)
  • Project characteristics and wrap-up
All of the data captured is confidential and anonymous. At the conclusion of the survey process, data will be tabulated, aggregated and analyzed to deliver a comprehensive overview.

Information about receiving a complimentary copy of the report based on this survey is available at the end of the survey.

We hope that you will enjoy taking this survey and sharing your experiences. This survey is conducted by voke, an independent analyst firm. More information about voke is available at www.vokeinc.com.
Here is the survey link one more time!

Thanks for your help.


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Do You Know Your Cost of Rework? voke Publishes New Research on Reducing the Cost of Rework

Are you aware of what your cost of rework is for your software? Yes, the very software that runs your business and is an integral part of your brand promise.

Most organizations are either not aware or not interested in what the cost of rework means. However, this cavalier stance to the cost of rework is dangerous. Each and every software project has an associated cost of rework – that is the cost involved with removing defects. The later in the lifecycle a defect is discovered, the more expensive it is to remediate. Defects create the hidden cost of rework in every software project.

The new voke Strategic BriefTM Report: Reducing the Cost of Rework highlights:

  • The business impact of defect leakage with real-world use cases
  • The cost of rework models for both Agile and non-Agile projects
  • Ways to test earlier to reduce rework and its costs

The Strategic BriefTM Report: Reducing the Cost of Rework is available here or at www.vokeinc.com for subscribers.

Get this report to learn how to reduce rework in your software projects.


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voke Research on Virtual and Cloud-based Labs Published!

In my last post I asked for your opinions on virtual and cloud-based labs.  Thank you so much for letting us know what you think of virtual and cloud-based labs!

On August 21, 2014 voke officially published its Market SnapshotTM Report: Virtual and Cloud-based Labs. The full report is available here  or at www.vokeinc.com to subscribers.

While virtual and cloud-based lab technology has been widely available since 2005, we still see development and test teams wait for protracted periods of time to gain access to the physical environments needed. From our research, we now know that on average, teams wait for 18 days to gain access to the required physical environments needed for development or testing. And, these teams that wait to access physical environments also have restrictions on environment access time. This type of lost productivity is easily remedied with virtual or cloud-based labs.
The full report contains an abundance of data to help make the case for virtual and cloud-based labs.

Thank you to all who shared their opinions. We are always curious about what you think of the application lifecycle as well as the technology and practices used by IT professionals.


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