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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Week That Was…
I had the pleasure and honor of participating in the inaugural podcast of “SD Times The Week In Review” with SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein.

This is a weekly podcast that David will host and moderate while getting views, analysis and opinion of the analyst community on the week that was.

In this first ever SD Times podcast we discussed:
- JavaOne and the Sun announcement of JavaFX
- Microsoft and its Silverlight announcement
- VMware and their release of Workstation 6
- Coverity’s release of Prevent SQS
- SQE’s STAREast conference the week of May 14 and my presentation on “Communicating the Value of Testing”

Many thanks to SD Times and David Rubinstein for inviting me as a guest.

So, tune in and get voke’s insight on the highlights of the week we just had.

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